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CASA of Hill County Texas is looking for a Supervisor for Volunteer Advocates

Job Description

  1. Support and Supervise volunteers; not to exceed 30 volunteers or 45 cases
  2. Maintain volunteer and children’s records
  3. Assist in permanent placement options for children in foster care.
  4. Attend and moderate training sessions for new and current volunteers.
  5. Complete 12 hours on-going training annually
  6. Assign volunteers to cases.
  7. Report monthly VOCA activities
  8. Volunteer Retention
  9. Assist in new volunteer recruitment and screening
  10. Assist in volunteer training
  11. Prepare advocates for court hearings and trials.
  12. A CASA Supervisor may accompany the volunteer advocate during any or all of the following tasks, or may stand in for the volunteer when necessary:
  13. Regular in-person contact with CASA children.
  14. Regular contact with all parties and collaterals involved in the child’s case.
  15. Interviews with parents and other family members as appropriate.
  16. Observation of visits and other contacts between CASA children and their families.
  17. Conduct home checks of prospective relative placements.
  18. Locate needed services for CASA children.
  19. Collect relevant records and other data as needed.
  20. Prepare written reports for court hearings.
  21. Attend court hearings with advocate.

Knowledge, Skills and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree preferred, but will substitute experience working at a CASA program at least three years or experience working as a CASA volunteer. Will require on-going goal to complete bachelor’s degree if not obtained at the time of hire. Working knowledge of the juvenile and child welfare system or social services a plus. Experience in staff or volunteer supervision preferred.   Clear and concise writing skills needed for court reports and correspondence. Good presentation skills a must. Attention to detail and accuracy essential.

Send resume to Don Rawls at

CASA of Hill County Texas is an inclusive, welcoming and affirming organization; and we are committed to our goal of ensuring the highest quality advocacy possible for all children in the child protection system. We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate against any individual, employee or applicant on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, sex, age, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, or veteran or citizenship status.